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Takashi Murakami

Japanese artist. Born 1962.

Well, I pay my taxes here in Japan, but I don’t have any influence on what happens in this country. Maybe I should give up my Japanese citizenship.

My goal was always to make a good movie – childish – but not for children. That has been a dream since high school. Soon it will become true. Financing is nearly secured.

The movie world I can control 100%. The real world around me, I would say 60%. The remaining 40% are occupied by my associates with their own concepts, ideas and procedures.

For a Louis Vuitton project I photographed Marc Jacobs’ studio in detail to later find out in Tokyo how Marc thinks. Plus, I researched the history of Vuitton. After that I delivered 200 ideas.

When I make a presentation to a client, I compare myself to a restaurant chef who creates the best food. For that I need to control the environment 100%.

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