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Val Kilmer

American actor, musician and artist. Born 1959. Films: Top Gun, The Doors (Jim Morrison), Batman Forever (Bruce Wayne).

I try not to make separations anymore in life, between work and things I care about. I missed out a lot being too critical and cynical – like in the 1970s when it was so uncool to talk about spirituality. There is clearly defined right and wrong behavior and we all know that, and we can do better than just let ourselves go. 

What the US government now practices – it’s not democracy by anyone’s definition and any honorable man’s definition. We have to try to make changes, however we can.

Art changed my life, inspired me. I’ve seen the influence on the life of my children and their friends, making music, drawings. Being involved in creativity – it’s so important. It’s human nature. If we stop that, we hurt ourselves.

The Batman car was great. It’s a real car and it goes about a160 miles an hour. Crazy. I could drive it a little. Only one person fits in,  costs a couple of millions easily. Just the cape 50 grand, pure rubber, though, I don’t know how much the ears were. Award-winning designers stood around with their little fetishes, special cases, bat signs on it and all got nervous when I took off.

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